CONCERT PHOTOS // Sticky Fingers at Corona Theatre

CONCERT PHOTOS // Sticky Fingers at Corona Theatre
March 27, 2019 maelleramsay

The first time I saw Sticky Fingers, I sprained my ankle running down the stairs (the venue was in a basement). The second I body surfed, and the third, I got to shoot it, On March 23rd, at Corona Theater, in Montreal. It keeps getting better!

Concert photography – Sticky Fingers – Corona Theatre, March 23rd, 2019

This is my first time blogging about concert photography, so I’ll see how I go.

Here’s the different ratings I’ll be using to describe what influenced the shots to come below. In fact, lighting, how the band move on stage (if they’re known jumpers or to run around), the crowd (if body surfers come in the way, it does make the job a bit more tricky!). Anyways, here are the main factors that I’ll be rating:

Lighting: 7/10 – Overall good lighting

Stage action: 4/10 – Band members were quite static

Crowd: 3/10 – Chill fans

Photographers in the photo pit: 4 – Empty pit!

I also reviewed the show for music blog Montreal Rocks. You can find my write up here:

Sticky Fingers @ Corona Theatre – 23rd March 2019



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